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Why You Should Choose Las Cruces

TIPS-ON-TRAVELING-IN-NEW-YORK We are always looking for cities that are on the rise and we might have just found the next city to keep our eyes on. Las Cruces is the second largest city in New Mexico, following closely behind Albuquerque. It’s continual growth and expansion makes us believe this could be the next booming city that you’ll want to visit. In 2010 the estimated population was 97,618 and in 2015 rose to 101,643. These numbers show a little over a 4% increase and are expected to continue to rise at a more rapid pace. With this steady rise, Las Cruces is sure to continue to grow, making this a real estate hot spot for families, corporations, and new business alike.

While there may not be a central heart of the city featuring a booming Main Street, Las Cruces, also know as “The City of the Crosses,” has a rapidly developing east side where you can find multiple businesses, restaurants, and even a shopping mall. Storefronts are scattered through the city making any area in Las Cruces a premier spot for any business owner. There are endless possibilities for how the city will continue to grow, and we can only sit back and marvel at the potential.

The beautiful Rio Grande flows through the city creating a breathtaking attraction for tourists and locals alike. With 76.6 square miles to explore, Las Cruces is perfectly placed in the center of both the Organ Caldera and Dona Ana Mountains.

In case the anticipated city growth hasn’t caught your attention already, the Minimum Wage Ordinance will be rolling out the second phase of the minimum wage increase. Beginning January 1st, 2017, the minimum wage will increase by $0.80 per hour. For all tipped workers there will be an increase of $0.42 per hour. With these increases on the rise, we have yet another reason to plan and expect for Las Cruces to grow.

Join the movement, be a part of the undeniable expansion and start your search for the perfect storefront in the beautiful city of Las Cruces today. Your search starts here!

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