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Moving to Las Cruces

Thinking of Moving to a New Home in Las Cruces?

Have you outgrown your home? Or do you simply dream of having something a little different? Perhaps something more? More yard? More rooms? Or maybe something less? Less property to care for? Less wasted space? No matter the reason you’re thinking of relocating to Las Cruces or anywhere, there’s some things to consider that can help you decide.


Can You Afford Moving?

Affording a new homes means having enough for a down payment. It means having a good income and credit score to support a loan. It also means being able to afford moving costs, possible HOA fees and possible maintenance costs.

Are You Even Willing to Move?

Is your home worth more than your current mortgage? Can it easily cover the costs of closing? Are you willing to go through what it takes time and money wise to market your current home? Are you prepared to do the cleaning, decluttering and staging of your current home? Do you know how much your home is worth and are you willing to price it correctly and realistically for the current market?

Additionally, a different community means new friends and neighbors, a different commute and different access to your current friends and family. It means different schools and different benefits and amenities. A bigger house can mean more room for a growing family while a smaller house can mean simpler, hassle free living.

Consider carefully ALL the pros and cons of moving and create a plan to make the transition smart and a lot easier. Whatever you choose to do, a great real estate agent can help you along the way. Image by Heritage Hotels Flickr

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