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Congratulations!  So you are days away from closing and moving into your new home and need to change the utilities into your name.  This is important to do ahead of time to be sure you are not left in the dark the day you move in.  Sellers are not obligated to keep the utilities on for you after closing and will normally request service be terminated on the day of closing and may do it the day before.

It is, therefore, important for you to call ahead in plenty of time to get the utilities in your name.  This way the service will not actually be turned off but the name on the account will be changed.  If you do not get this accomplished in time it can be days before the service people arrive to turn service back on.

Here is a list of some service providers in Las Cruces.  There may be others and this list is not an endorsement of any particular provider.  It is intended to assist you and you may want to call information to see if a there is a better provider.

Electric–  El Paso Electric at 201 N. Water Street in Las Cruces, NM 88001, the phone number is 575.526.5551. Online at

Telephone- Century Link is one provider for phone so call early to get a timely appointment.  Their number is 575.532.8137  Online at

DSL/Cable/ Satellite TV–  There are several providers.   Satellite does include the local networks from El Paso.  Comcast cable is at 575.523.2531.  Comcast also provides high speed DSL by Cable.  Online at Century Link provides DSL by phone line to most areas. Online at

Xfinity’s- online utilities marketplace includes a price comparison to guarantee you make the right choice for you and your family. Xfinity includes internet, tv and phone bundles. online at

Gas/ Water/Garbage–  If you are moving into the city limits you will get these services from the City of Las Cruces.  Gas is supplied by Rio Grande Natural Gas and billed by the city.  They are at 200 N. Church St, Las Cruces, NM 88005 and their phone is 575.541.2111 or 575.527.7847.  IMPACT FEES May APPLY.  An impact fee is a fee on new homes that the city imposes on new home owners.  It is not related to any real estate transaction and is not normally part of closing costs.  It can be $900 or more and they bill you when you turn on your water.  You may also ask them to prorate the cost over 60 months for a fee so check with them.  If your home is not new there still may be fees if the current owner financed them on the bill.

Water- Depending on what area you buy in the water company will be either, Moongate Water Company at 575.382.7001 located at 9301 Bataan Memorial East.  Jornada Water Company at 575.524.2920 located at 225 E. Idaho, and Dona Ana Mutual Domestic Water Co. at 575.526.3491 and located at 5535 Ledesma Dr.

If you are buying in Picacho Hills they use Dona Ana Water at 575.526.3491 and have a private sewage company and can be reached at 575.526.3491 located at 535 Ledesma Dr.  Trash can be ordered through Mesilla Valley Disposal at 575.647.9094 or South West Disposal at 575.524.8482.