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Chris makes it happen and gives advice, then does what you tell him

“My wife and I have dealt with real estate people for over 15 years. My wife’s parents worked for IBM when that stood for “I’ve Been Moved.” Chris makes it happen and gives advice, then does what you tell him. You will go in well informed and in control. His interpersonal and business skills are exceptional. The people (home inspectors, etc.) in the market think he is a rain maker. I agree. Or he is consistently lucky and so was I. We will take it either way.”

Very pleasant experience

“I bought a property 3 years ago. I knew Chris was a real estate agent and I called to set up an appointment. I was very impressed when I had my first meeting. He knew my price range and had several properties lined out. We went over the properties at his office and then set up a plan of visiting properties. I was feeling very comfortable that he knew where the properties were and what the best route would be to see as many as possible the first outing. He had definitely done his homework…..even with my simple request. He helped me “look” at the properties….realizing what would need to be done…..what landscaping needs were….what a single women would want out of a neighborhood…..Chris helped me find my “perfect” townhouse. The closing and all the paperwork were all in order……very pleasant experience.”

He takes a personal interest in his clients

“Chris Harrison is the consummate realtor who has rightfully achieved much success in his profession. It is no surprise that he is co-owner of Exit Realty which has grown into the highest volume agency in Las Cruces. He takes a personal interest in his clients and is expert at walking that fine line between offering advice and guiding his client to make an informed decision. In today’s real estate market, it is paramount that an agent has in depth knowledge of technology. Chris makes extensive use of the Internet and related technologies. I would be hard pressed to imagine a realtor with greater knowledge in this critical area. I am very happy that we decided to list our home with him and will surely do so if/when we decide to sell other property we own in the Las Cruces area.”

Highly recommend

“Chris recently sold us a home in Las Cruces. He did his preliminary research and we liked the second home he showed us. He continued to show us all of the homes we were interested in. As a result, we were confident in our decision to buy the second home we saw. Chris dealt with every concern we expressed and as a result we got the home we wanted at a good price. The closing was very comfortable and was not a hassle as some have been in the past.Chris continued to give his support after closing. We would highly recommend Chris to anyone interested in buying or selling their home in the Las Cruces area.”

Extremely responsive

“Chris helped me find a home that would suit my needs in a very short period of time…I was downsizing from a large home to a small home and he helped me find a home that would work for me. He was extremely responsive to all my needs and was available to me both day and night. His knowledge and expertise regarding the local housing market is beyond comparison. His attention to detail regarding home values and his exceptional negotiation skills regarding the purchase price of my new house was integral to my ability to purchase my home in a short period of time. Chris is the consummate professional and takes a personal interest in his clients. His experience and knowledge of real estate market allows for his clients to make informed decisions which ultimately result in the homes each client is looking for. I have already recommended him to others that are interested in selling their homes and will recommend him to anyone else that needs the experience, professionalism, and client centric skills that will result in successful sale of their home or assistance in the purchase of a new home.”

Absolutely phenomenal experience

“Absolutely phenomenal experience working with Chris Harrison. He showed us a large variety of properties in our price range. Able to negotiate price down. Helped every step along the way. Has continued to help us get acclimated to the area even after closing on the house.”

A true professional

“Mr. Harrison was a true professional at every point in the sales process. His knowledge allowed us to set a fair price and receive a great offer in less than 3 months. Mr. Harrison’s guidance and advice made the entire sales process, including closing, super easy. We strongly recommend working with Chris Harrison.”

He was quick to respond and was eager to help

“I contacted Chris before moving from Memphis. He was quick to respond and was eager to help. He listened to our needs and showed us houses that could actually meet our needs, not just random houses in the general area. He also made quick arrangements to see houses we found on our own. There was never any pressure from him to see something we weren’t interested in or make an offer on what we were. I highly doubt anyone has more market knowledge than he does. Whether neighborhoods, schools, construction type, technical features of a house, or financing, he understands it all. He also has great relationships with local banks, title companies, and contractors. We followed his recommendation on several, including the lender, and were completely satisfied. Chris is a good guy, exactly the type you want representing you. Honest, knowledgeable, and successful. We will use him for all of our real estate needs in Las Cruces.”

Thank you for your service

Having actually been on active duty in the Army for 6 years I know what it means to serve. If you are in the Military I can help you in ways that others can’t because of my experience with transportation and Military moves. I have moved 18 times in my life both as the son of a career Army officer and while on active duty myself.