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If you are a licensed Real Estate agent in any state, I will gladly pay a 25% referral for your buyer clients and 30% for your Seller Clients.  Simply call me to discuss your clients needs and fax 575.532.5503) or email me the referral form and I’ll sign it and fax it back.

Rest assured you have chosen an extremely experienced and credentialed Broker who will treat your clients with respect, care and professionalism.  My office pays referrals to you within 2 working days of the closing.  I appreciate you choosing me to help and I keep all my referring agents in the loop so they know exactly where we are with their clients.  I always send my referrals to those who have referred to me in the past. It is a Win/Win…

Looking for a New Career?  Wish you could compete, Watch this VIDEO Now!!

I am a mentor and trainer with Exit Realty and I am willing to help and share my secrets.  I love talking with agents about what I do.  If you are an agent in Las Cruces and wish to discuss your career with me in confidence please call or email me.  I realize it is a big step to reach out to another agent and I respect your concerns and  privacy.  I will not disclose we spoke to anyone without your permission.  I’ll meet you anytime to discuss Exit Realty and how together we can build a business within Exit.

I am a QB (Qualifying Broker) and I do not compete with my agents.  At Exit Realty I have developed a perfect mix of making my own way as not to need extra money from the brokerage and giving all leads, walk-ins, call-ins, or internet leads to our agents without offset.  I don’t accept any leads from the office so my agents get everything.  I make my living not from brokerage money from agents, but from my own book of business I have developed over the years.  If you want to work with an active broker that understands and knows the business from the inside then call me.  I compete for my agents, not against them. 

If you are not an agent yet please call me before you agree to go with any brokerage and I’ll tell you why I think you should choose me to help you go with Exit.  I can sponsor an agent into any Exit office in the World.  Talk to me first.  I can assist you from signing up for classes, passing your test, choosing a brokerage, and everything that you need to know to make a great living from a Broker that knows how.  The national average is about 4 transactions a year for a Realtor, I completed 55 last year and I can teach you how to also.  Learn and be trained by someone who is a Top Producer.

At Exit Realty we provide without Cost to our Agents:

First Class training with real world instruction and how to.  I personally and along with other top producers conduct training every week and am available anytime to discuss training questions and needs with my agents.

We don’t just tell you how to succeed, we show you how.  You can chose to participate in our mentoring program to see first hand from start to finish what it takes to succeed in today’s marketplace.

A remarkable split system that is never less than 70/30 and can go up to 100%

Free personalized, IDX searchable websites that are SEO optimizable.

Flexibility to make your own decisions without corporate interference.  Our brokerage is agent run with our EEB, Exit Executive Board, The owners do not dictate policy or make decisions without the input and approval of our agents.

Free Signs, free color copies, free black and white copies, Free Professional Office Spaces, free training, free websites, and it goes on an on.  No nickle and dollar-ing.

Access to your QB’s 7 days a week if you have questions or issues.  We welcome your calls at 10 p.m. if you need help with a Real Estate Issue.

A Professional Digital Marketing Strategy only from and for, Exit Realty Professionals.  Blow away your listing customers with state of the art technology to win and get their property sold.

Single level residuals, Retirements, and a beneficiary package you can pass on to your loved ones.

If you are tired of not having the flexibility to run your business how you see fit, don’t have direct 7 day a week access to your brokers, have to pay for every single copy, sign, etc.  Call me now.  Did you know that some brokerages actually have the nerve to charge their agents for copies, coffee, plugging in a small refrigerator, signs, websites and charge 5% fees off the top for technology? Are you tired of the 8.5% franchise fees or the 60/40 or worse yet, 50/50 split.  Have you had enough of the 5% marketing fees plus 1% technology fees and a 60/40 or 50/50 split.  Call me today. 

If you are looking for an agent run brokerage, with a fantastic training system, helpful friendly environment, and retirements then you owe it to yourself and your family to call me today.  I promise you will be glad you did.