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The Best Place to Eat in Las Cruces:

nachosWhile you are looking for your new home in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area, be sure to check out La Nueva Casita Cafe, This wonderful restaurant is often ranked tops out of 198 restaurants in the area!

Why? Those who eat there the most say it is because of great food at great prices. This restaurant is the talk of the town and best of all; it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

The menu is complete, but be sure to check out their Green Chile chicken enchiladas or if you want breakfast, try the Chile relleno omelet. These are highly rated dishes by frequent guests.

The service is great, the people are friendly and a visit here is a great introduction to live in Las Cruces. If you get the chance, ask some of the folks at La Nueva Casita Cafe about life in Las Cruces. You are sure to hear some great stories about how friendly this community in the desert really is.

If you are lucky, they might even tell you some of the best places to go and the things you can see in the area too. Imagine taking a walk outdoors under the vast New Mexico skies and seeing millions upon millions of stars shining above you. It’s all here in Las Cruces.

Whatever made you consider living in Las Cruces, one thing is for sure having a restaurant like La Nueva Casita Cafe nearby will make it all the better. The restaurant is located at 195 North Mesquite Street, in Las Cruces and is open seven days a week.