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Military Discount

I Know What It Means To Serve

Having actually been on active duty in the Army for 6 years I know what it means to serve. If you are in the Military I can help you in ways that others can’t because of my experience with transportation and Military moves. I have moved 18 times in my life both as the son of a career Army officer and while on active duty myself.

So, your RFO just came in and you have a lot to get ready for. Your beautiful home is going to have to be sold when you move and you need someone you can trust to market it quickly and sell it for top dollar. You are at the right place and I am the exact person you need to get the job done.

If you are selling, I will give you a discount of 1% off of the normal listing of 6%. That is a sizable amount to thank you for your service and can equal $3,000 off of the listing on a $300,000 home. Call me to discuss your needs and when you need to report to your new duty station. I can even help you select a qualified ex military Realtor at your new location. I will research qualified brokers at your new duty station and Refer you to them. My referral service is free to you. Excellent service is important and good help is hard to find so let me show you what great service is all about. Duty, Honor, Country.


If you allow me to help you buy your home I will give you $250 at closing just for being a Veteran and using me. This is actually Free Cash to be credit on your closing statement with no strings. The house closes, you get the money. Simple as that. Sorry, no double discounts like you can’t get the $250 and use the discount below.

If you sell and then buy here in Las Cruces with me, I will give you a discount of 1.5% off the normal listing of 6%. That can save you even more. I often help people sell the home they are in and buy another one at the same time.

Do not be taken in by online lenders offering Discounts or Freebies if you use them. These lenders do not have any inside track to VA lending that any other lender does not have. All reputable lenders can write VA loans and won’t try to trick you with gimmicks like free gift cards, bonuses, and food. My advice is to go with a local lender that has a presence in the city in which you are buying into. We know this market and will make sure you don’t pay any more than you have to.

USAA Members Read this: I have been a USAA member since 1986 and understand as well if not more than anyone, the needs of Military Families. I offer a Buyer’s VIB (Very Important Buyer)program that offers you the same relocation benefits as USAA’s Mover’s Advantage program. I can coordinate your PCS move from both ends, I research Selling agents in your area and recommend only the best in terms of education, experience and transactional history. I do not use the Realtors that go with Relocation companies as Top Producers such as myself do not generally sign up for giving away up to half my commission to a Relo company. If top producers wont participate you are left with only the ones that think so little of their service they will give away half their commission. With me you get a superior service Broker and everything their program offers to you. Imagine how motivated one is that is working for you for half the normal commission. Not Very. There is no class or certification that a agent can take that makes them more qualified or educated to represent you professionally. As my VIB (very important buyer) you receive top knotch, professional service, support and advice absolutely for FREE. All you need to do to take advantage of my VIB program is be a USAA member and have a Movers Advantage Proposal. I’ll exceed their program with exceptional service, understanding of your needs, and find you the perfect home and/or sell yours. I even coordinate for lenders to call you for pre-qualification and everything else that needs to be done. Call me and consider it done.

The minimum standards to be a broker member of the program are low with only 2 years in the business and 20 transactions. So you can be stuck with someone whose business is so slow they are willing to discount their services, not to you , but to someone else that will profit from you, and has only 2 years in the business. I suggest that new associate brokers with little transactional history willing to work at a discount may not be in your best interest. I provide exceptional service, know what it means to serve, offer more cash to you than they do, exceed their transactional requirements by more than 3 times, and of course have a background check. I can coordinate your purchase or sale worldwide and will coordinate for your financing as well. Call Me… you’ll be glad you did.

MILITARY SUPPORT SITES: I have been deployed and understand the needs and benefits of military type support. I found these website helpful and a good source of information for military families. For IA family members General resources for families Military spouse magazine and web resources News and resources Allows deployed parents to send videos to children back home.