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Learning About the Mesilla Valley

mesilla valley The breath taking Mesilla Valley, home to Las Cruces, lies to the far west of Texas and the southern end of New Mexico. Formed by the repeated heavy spring floods of the Rio Grande river, Mesilla Valley follows the river for three miles along the Bosque, including about 400 acres of land.

From the west side of El Paso, Texas to nearby Hatch, New Mexico, the valley is very fertile and characterized by its cottonwood trees, invasive tamarisk (locally known as salt cedar) and its few remaining bosques.

Because the land is so fertile, agriculture here is huge! Stahmann Farms owns the world’s largest pecan orchard located in Las Cruces. Other important crops in the valley include: cotton, chile, and corn. The valley is also noted for its amazing wine which was brought to the area by Spanish exploration into New Mexico!

Not only is the center of commerce and culture in southern New Mexico, Las Cruces is also full of abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery. Take in the Organ Mountains, White Sands and Gila Wilderness…and do it all with the guarantee of the area’s 350 days of sunshine a year!

Bring your friends and family and come see for yourself just exactly why it is that this area is so rich in history and beauty. Not surprisingly, you’ll want to stay permanently. When that happens, contact us to help you. Image by Luke Jones Flickr

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