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How To Be The Only Buyer

Get the House You Want Easier by Being the Only Buyer

Every one looking to buy a home wants the home of their dreams and the guarantee that they’ll get their offer chosen and be the one to “win” the home. So, it begs to ask,” is that possible? ” The answer is a disappointing no. However, it may be encouraging to know it is absolutely possible to “stack the deck in your favor” by wisely choosing the time to buy.

Homes are always on sale all year round. However, there are certain times of the year that are considered “buying season” or in other words, the time that buyers are out there looking the most. This buying season is usually during the Spring and early Summer. It’s during this time that there are a lot of buyers on the market. Therefore, it is during this time that you may NOT want to shop.

The best deals are always to be had when you’re the only one looking. Additionally, sellers are always more motivated when there are less showings and less offers are coming in. It is for this reason that it certainly helps to be an after season buyer rather than a prime time one.

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So, when should you gear up to go shopping for your new home. Well, buying seasons can sometimes vary, but generally the non buying season months are August, September, December and January. Sales tend to be slower in these months because buyers don’t want to move in or fix up their new home in bad weather. Other reason for these months to be slower for buying are kids going back to school, vacations and holidays.

Moral of the story? Take advantage of the aspect of timing when you go to buy a home. You just may be the ONLY BUYER and find yourself a better deal on the perfect home for you and your family.

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