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Where is Organ New Mexico?

Organ New Mexico is a tiny little town just East of Las Cruces and Donna Anna County just north of the Organ Mountains National Recreational Area at the foothills of the San Augustin Peak.

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Literally home to less than 400 residents, this small town originally started as a mining camp but it was an established until 1883 as a designated community. This 40 acre parcel of land was granted by Pres. Chester A. Arthur under the Congressional approval for a land-grant and Mining Corporation. Mining operations produce gold, lead, silver and iron although actual mining on town premises was prohibited. The largest mine production was the torpedo mine and population grew to over 1500 people in 1885. But in the 1930s the mines became inundated with water and were no longer feasible. Although with the opening of the white Sands missile Range nearby, Organ began to thrive again supporting leisure services to military personnel.

Organ_Mountains_-_Google_Maps_Attribute Today it’s a small subdivision and community of Las Cruces just five minutes from downtown. It has its own water and sewer utility services which are provided independently by the city itself. The community center which is been renovated in 2008, is located on the site original town square. School systems are provided by the Las Cruces Public school district and with over 100 households in the area remains to be a quiet and sleepy community in the suburbs of Las Cruces.

Surprisingly enough there are several homes for sale around the area which start at just $20,000. Many homes are manufacturer mobile homes on several acres with lots of land and beautiful views. Other lots started about $75,000 with home prices ranging at about $160,000 on up depending on size, condition, and lot square footage.You’re just 20 minutes or for about 14 miles to downtown Las Cruces of you’re looking to get away and out of the area with the sensational views of the surrounding mountains we consider Organ New Mexico as your next destination. Contact me for more details, home prices, or real estate for sale in Organ New Mexico. Photo by Blopez579 – Google Maps