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Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park in Las Cruces

ParkLas Cruces Real Estate is some of the best in the country. Here, you’ll find beautiful homes in beautiful communities to raise your family. However, when it comes to relocating your family, local parks are always a high priority. We invite you to check out Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park.

Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park is a park of 305 acres located very near Las Cruces and to the west of Mesilla. Dedicated on December 13, 2008, the park became the realization of a 25 year old dream nurtured by State Representative J. Paul Taylor, State Senator Mary Kay Papen and State Representative Joni Gutierrez. In the future, the hope is that the park will be expanded to around 1000 acres.

The park is made up of river woodlands (otherwise known as a bosque) and wetlands that have been restored. The park is used by migratory birds and is therefore ideal for birding, walking, and bicycling. It is a day use only park as it closes by dusk and therefore camping is not allowed.

There are three basic missions of this park:

Mesilla-Valley-Bosque-State-Park The first mission of the park is restoration and preservation. The park’s goal is to restore the wildlife and native plant communities in the areas where they’ve been damaged or displaced by human activities and invasive species. The next objective is to protect any remnants of natural environment and any cultural resources.

The second mission is outdoor recreation. The goal is to attract those drawn to nature such as those who consider themselves birders, native plant enthusiasts, hikers, sportsmen and wildlife photographers.

The third mission is education. The park aims to enrich the knowledge of those of all ages about wildlife along the Rio Grande.

A group exists to contribute to the park’s restoration, recreation and education missions. It’s called the Friends of Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park Group.

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