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Las Cruces Parks and Recreation


Are you looking for a great place to rest and/or play in Las Cruces? If so, then you stumbled across the right article! The 87 parks and public grounds in Las Cruces covering some 514 acres within the city’s 80 square miles are nothing short of fabulous! As part of the city’s parks you’ll find multiple athletic complexes containing softball, baseball and soccer fields, sand volleyball, horseshoe, and lighted tennis courts, a skate park, BMX racetrack and much much more! Following are some of the most popular parks in Las Cruces:

Some of the most popular parks in Las Cruces

park-settingApodaca Park features benches, shelters, tables, playgrounds, water fountains, grills, restrooms, and a tennis court and baseball field.Parks of Las Cruces

Klein Park has benches, tables, playgrounds, grills and a basketball court.

Mesilla Park and Frank O’Brien Papen Center includes benches, shelters, tables, playground, water fountain, grills, basketball courts, and a horseshoe area.

Pioneer Women’s Park has benches, shelters, tables, a playground and a Gazebo.

Veteran’s Memorial Park features benches, shelter, tables, playground, water fountain, grills, restrooms and memorial walls. Along with the Veteran’s Memorial Wall, the park is also host to the Bataan Death March Memorial. The park also includes a trail where you can walk by three memorials for the Korean War, Marine Corps League and the Disabled American Veterans. Soon, there will be a memorial wall featuring women veterans as well.

Young Park is a beautiful, picturesque park with benches, shelters and tables.

The parks are all classified as pocket, public, neighborhood, trails, athletic fields and community. Some parks require permits for use. To find out about that, visit the Parks and Recreation web pages.

Come see the many parks of Las Cruces. Bring your family, friends and neighbors and come on out for a day of rest and play! It’s just what you need! Images by Google Maps


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