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Relocating Tips and Information for Las Cruces

Well you’ve done it. You’ve bought your first home in Las Cruces and now it’s time to move. You probably have lots of questions and no idea where to begin. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on your way, as well as keep you organized and on track.

Before the move:

  1. Get Organized – Start a “Moving File” that will help you keep track of your estimates, receipts, and other information. Basically, anything that could come in handy during your move is what you should keep in here.
  2. Learn About Las Cruces – Finding out about your new community is a great way to get started on relocating here. The local Chamber of Commerce is a great resource as well as the City of Las Cruces.
  3. Healthcare – Gather up your medical and dental records, that includes prescriptions and shot records. Ask your current doctor to refer you to a trusty care provider in Las Cruces. When moving, you should also keep all your medical records and important documents WITH you during the move (not packed up) or in the hands of the movers.
  4. Budget For Your Moving Expenses
  5. Tie Up Any Loose Ends – Contact your utility companies and let them know you’re moving. Also contact your bank and ask for a transfer or to close your accounts. Lastly, call your insurance agent to see what changes you should expect in your policies and don’t forget to ask if moving is covered and arrange for insurance for your new residence.
  6. File For a Change of Address – If you’re not sure what your new address is yet, ask the post office in Las Cruces to hold your mail for you.
  7. Clean Your Home – As you’re packing and collecting supplies to pack, do a deep cleaning of your current home…it’s just respectful for who ends up with it next. You’d love the same to be done for you.
  8. Reserve Your Moving Truck – You will want to be sure to do this a week before moving, at least –if not sooner.
  9. Be Prepared – Make sure you’re packing your essentials box last and that it is one of the first things you’ll unload and unpack at your new place. This is the box of things you’ll need to get by the last few days in your old home and the first few days in your new home.
  10. Finish Up – Before you close the door on your old home, check each room as to make sure you are not forgetting anything.

After the move, be see to it that you are indeed receiving your mail. Then, make sure you get a new driver’s license and begin to unpack and settle in to Las Cruces!