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I want you to know that I respect your privacy and will not call you unless you ask me to. I have set up my site so that I dont even know you are on it until you click or call for more information. Below are some sites I hope you find helpful to stop unwanted emails, phone calls and Junk mail and generally keep you safe online.

Watch for Pharmers. In an attack you type in one address in your browser but you are redirected to another site by e hijacking. Not a big deal normally unless you think you are going to a financial site. You will notice secure sites have a “s” for secure-it will start with https://. If it does not have the “s” it is not secure. You don’t have to type the “s” in but watch it rename the site with the “s”.

Reduce calls by registering your phone numbers with the FTC. Click on or call 888.382.1222. You must call from the number you wish to register. Registration is FREE.

Reduce the preapproved credit card offers by registering with the major credit reporting agencies. All four credit agencies support the website. Here you can opt out of lists used by creditors or insurers to make firm offers of credit or insurance. This should prevent the agencies from distributing your credit file information to those who want to send you credit or insurance solicitations unless you initiate the inquiry.

Reduce Junk Mail by registering with the Direct Marketing Association. Go to There you’ll find the information on how to remove yourself from postal mailing lists as well as email lists. You can also mail your request to: Direct Marketing Association, Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008. This should remove your name from all DMA member lists for 5 years.

Reduce spam or unwanted email solicitations. Go to There is no site to enter your email and stop spam. We imagine that everyone that put their email on a list would simply be added to everyones list to spam. This site is, however, informative and helpful in reducing spam.

Whenever you move to a new address or get a new phone number you will want to register and opt out of these sites again.

Some of this information was collected/copied from The Motley Fool and other places. For more great tips and investment strategies you can go to