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Mesilla Vineyard Estates in Las Cruces and Homes for Sale

Mesilla Vineyard Estates is a unique housing community just west of Old Mesilla on the outer edges of Las Cruces. Just as the name implies, homes are estate style they are custom built on an acre or more lots. It is a beautiful neighborhood built on 360 desert mountain views all centered on a farm producing local grapes and produce providing a gorgeous relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a healthy yet luxurious lifestyle.
Mesilla Vineyard Estates

Mesilla Vineyard Estates is an Agrihood

Agrihood seems like a funny name, but it is an innovative way of living. There are only about 200 Agrihood type communities across the country. So what is an Agrihood? It is a master-planned community built around a working farm as the focus instead of a golf course or community center. The farm is up and running with 14 acres managed by a farming professional. The farm is a great place for an evening stroll, there is a gazebo to enjoy parties and a farm fresh produce market where residents and members of the community can enjoy local goods.

Homes in Mesilla Vineyard Estates

Buyers can choose to purchase a lot and build a custom home with the two approved builders or can purchase a previously built home. Lots sizes start at an acre and are priced from $69,900 to $95,000 dependent upon size/shape/location. Custom homes must be at least 1,900 square feet in size and there are other community protective covenants to follow as well.

Existing homes all exhibit Spanish style architecture and are priced from $300,000 to $500,000. Many homes currently on the market in Mesilla Vineyard Estates are around 2,300 square feet to 3,000+ square feet with an average of four bedrooms and three bathrooms. All homes are on private septic systems and city of Las Cruces water.

Living in the Mesilla Valley

Mesilla Valley consists of the Village of Old Mesilla and the city of Las Cruces. The Mesilla Valley is a gorgeous scenic community full of historic charm and close-knit longtime residents. Buildings throughout the famed town of Old Mesilla have restored vintage adobe buildings dating back to the 1850s. The area’s beginnings from Native Americans to travelers along the El Camino Royal Trail have helped to carve out what the charming Mesilla Valley is today. Las Cruces is also a great destination, it was recently listed on Money Magazine’s list of America’s 100 Best Places to Live. The Valley is charming, full of community, and a great place for anyone who enjoys getting outside.