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La Cruces Weather

Ahhh Las Cruces. Our weather here is pretty warm and sunny most of the year with very little precipitation and average highs hitting about June and July. With our arid climate, winters are typically milder and windy with patches of warm and sunny periods hitting about February. December and January tends to be our coolest month around 55 to 65°. We can get lows in the 30s during overnights in the winter and typically our lows are really comfortable in the mid-60s throughout much of the summer.

Las Cruces FieldThe spring months can be warm and windy which can cause periods of dust storms across the open plains. With our hot summers the humidity can increase later in the summer and cause frequent afternoon thunderstorms. We usually don’t have a lot of tornado warnings or violent weather but we can have some stunning thunderstorms in the middle of the day and then see sunny blue skies by evening time. Most of our rain happens in the fall and the springtime although on a rare occasion some winters we can have a little bit of snowfall but it typically doesn’t last long. At the beginning of summer residents can see very heavy showers and late summer, as monsoons hit the lower part of the US, we can see some pretty heavy rainfall and windy weather.

But most people come to Las Cruces for the sunny warm days. With average temperatures between 80 and 90° from April to November, this is comfortable living at its finest. We love living in Las Cruces. With the exciting weather, warm temperatures, mild winters, and exciting active events that happen every so often, Las Cruces’ weather is unmatched anywhere in the states.

Click on this link to see the current weather in Las Cruces NM and the 7 day forcast.