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You can find over 400 realtors in Las Cruces, however, only a handful are Qualifying Brokers and how many of those really have the “commercial or investment” experience to assist you in a profitable transaction. Why not get “Expert Advice” for FREE by calling on me to assist you in your commercial Las Cruces or investment property search. I am an avid Real Estate investor, and own numerous commercial and multi-family properties personally. I am a veteran landlord and can help you find investments in Land, Las Cruces commercial real estate, Mutilfamily, Hotels, and gas stations. I can broker businesses for you as well. As a Las Cruces commercial realtor I routinely find multi million dollar properties to show my clients with cap rates of 6 to 10%. Do you want a 36 plex apartment building for $1,400,000? How about a 4 plex for $200,000? I may be able to find one for you. I often know of builders selling their models and leasing them back from an investor for years.
I have listed and sold millions and millions worth of Commercial Las Cruces Real Estate and have all my commercial listings at the above link.
New 4 plexes are going for about $300,000 with a cap rate of 7%. Multi-family units sell very quickly here so you have to be able to formulate a decision about property fast, often in one day. Timing is everything and Fast decision making is crutial to getting the property you want.
If you want vacant land for commercial building now or later I have all the information on that as well. I deal in commerical property all over New Mexico, not just Las Cruces. I can represent you in selecting large multi-family units in Albuquerque and Santa Fe as well. My website has all commercial listings in Las Cruces.
Here is the Dona Ana County Parcel Viewer service.  You can zoom in on parcels in Las Cruces by using this map.  Once it loads click on the icon of the blue binoculars then type in the address.  It should bring you right onto the property.  Remember these photos were taken in 2004 so new homes will not be depicted but the parcel borders will be clearly shown.  Use the icons of the magnifying glasses to zoom in and zoom out at the top of the page to get a better feel for the area.  Lastly, Enjoy.  This is the best site to see exactly what the business, home or lot looks like.

TEST: Want to take a test… Here goes, answers at the bottom of the page.

  1. What is cap rate short for?
  2. What is the Cap rate on a multiplex for sale for $1,750,000 with the Gross rents at $175,000 a year and the net operating income including management of $143,000?
  3. Why do we care about cap rates?
  4. What does cash on cash mean? How do you compute the rate?


  1. Cap rate stands for Capitalization Rate. It is the universal value for a return on an investment expressed in terms of NOI divided by the purchase price. If you want to raise your cap rate, simply lower the purchase price.
  2. The Capitalization rate is 8.17, a good rate by anyones standards.
  3. This is the main way to compare investments. Simply put, your bank cd earns your money 3% lets say. The multi-plex earns you 8.17%…Nice..
  4. Cash on Cash is another way to compute your return. It is simple, instead of computing the return based on the purchase price you base it on the amount of cash you put in initially as a down payment. If you bought a $300,000 multi plex and put down 10% or $30,000 and have $12,000 left over after all bills are paid for the unit your cash on cash return is $12,000 divided by $30,000 really nice.

Nice job you passed, let’s see, if you got 3 out of 4 right, your cap rate may be 75%. If you would like to learn more about smart investing and how to stay out of trouble, call me. I can help.