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Adobe Style Homes in Las Cruces

Adobe architecture style house in Sata Fe, New Mexico Adobe style homes in Las Cruces can either be built out of massive adobe walls which stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter or in the adobe style. True adobe walls make the inside of an adobe home quiet, as they absorb and insulate from noise within or without the home. A well-designed adobe home does not need a cooling system, whereas stick construction usually does. The combination of adobe with natural plasters, wood ceilings, exposed exterior beams and other traditional finishes makes for a rich blend of tradition, comfort, and design.

Traditionally, adobe is made of sun dried mud and among the earliest materials used around the world. These days, more modern materials may be used. When adobe is not used, rounded corners, irregular parapets, and thick, battered walls are used to mimic the adobe home. Adobe homes never go out of style.

In adobe style homes you’ll usually find stuccoed walls and many earth tones. Roofs are often flat and you may see a lot of exposed wood such as in the beams.

Key Perks of Adobe Style Homes:

Environmentally friendly earthy materials. Adobe homes will include soil, sand, straw, water and other natural materials.

Well Insulated. These homes are well insulated, and they can hold heat and cool air inside the house for large amounts of time. This means lower energy bills, and a temperature setting which stays level without huge fluctuations.

Thick Walls. Thick walls make for great insulation against noise in adjacent rooms or the outdoors.

Single Level. Adobe homes are usually one level.

Attractive. Adobe homes are generally symmetrical, have covered porches and log ceiling beams.

An adobe home may be just what you’re looking for if you’re looking to live in Las Cruces. If you’re looking for an adobe style home in Las Cruces, contact Chris Harrison today.