Don't Become a Victim of Bad Curb Appeal - Show that Pink Lawn Flamingo Who's Boss

Fall is here in Las Cruces and the high amount of home sales that have happened over the summer is slowing down. Great curb appeal is always important, but as home buying season is ending, it becomes even more so if you're just now thinking of listing your property. Don't let bad curb appeal ruin your experience when selling your home. Take control and show that pink lawn flamingo who's boss! Here's some tips:

Keep With the Flow of the Neighborhooddon't be the victim of bad curb appeal

You may really love your pink lawn flamingo and rightly so even. However, is your pink flamingo oasis of a lawn standing out like a sore thumb among your neighbors who perhaps are giving the neighborhood more of a lawn gnome vibe? When selling your home, it's a good idea to keep with the "flavor" of the surrounding neighborhood.

Stash Your Trash

Garbage or junk in the line of vision is a huge eye sore. Don't let something as easy as picking up your around your property devalue your home.

Be Color Wise

When it's time to paint your home, try to use colors that create a sense of harmony with the other homes nearby. Try to steer clear of the "shock factor".

Don't be Chained to an Ugly Fence

Sure chain link fences are cost effective and get the job done....IN THE BACKYARD. Out front, they're just, well.....hideous. There are so many fencing options these days that are pretty affordable. Do yourself a favor, and re fence. You'll love the return on your investment. Also, don't forget to mow the lawn and weed the flower beds!

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